EDL-GEN Operation and Maintenance Service Sole Co.,Ltd (EDL-GEN O & M) is the subsidiary company of EDL-Generation Public Company (EDL-GEN), the leading of Lao’s hydro power plant operation and maintenance services provider. The Company has been established on 14 December 2017, registered share capital of the Company is 2,400,000 000 Kip which a wholly-owned subsidiary of EDL-Gen 100%.

More than 40 years experienced for hydro power plant operation and maintenance services in Lao PDR, including Nam Ngum 1 (155MW), Namkhan 2 (130MW), Houaylamphan- gnai (88MW), Xeset 2 (76MW), Nam Leuk (60MW), Xeset 1 (45MW), Nam Mang 3 (40MW), Namsana (14MW), Nam Song (6MW) and Selabam (5MW)   with total installed capacity of 619 MW.


  • To provide operation and maintenance services for hydropower plants;
  • To provide the minor and major overhaul for hydropower plants and substations;
  • To joint-venture with domestic and abroad companies;
  • To support engineers & experts for O & M services in hydropower plants & substations.